charges, charging, charged
1) VERB If you charge someone an amount of money, you ask them to pay that amount for something that you have sold to them or done for them.

[V n] Even local nurseries charge ₤100 a week...

[V n] The majority of stalls charged a fair price...

[V n for n] The hospitals charge the patients for every aspirin...

Some banks charge if you access your account to determine your balance.

[V n n] ...the architect who charged us a fee of seven hundred and fifty pounds.

2) VERB To charge something to a person or organization means to tell the people providing it to send the bill to that person or organization. To charge something to someone's account means to add it to their account so they can pay for it later.

[V n to n] Go out and buy a pair of glasses, and charge it to us...

[V n to n] All transactions have been charged to your account.

3) N-COUNT A charge is an amount of money that you have to pay for a service.

We can arrange this for a small charge...

Customers who arrange overdrafts will face a monthly charge of ₤5.

4) N-COUNT A charge is a formal accusation that someone has committed a crime.

He may still face criminal charges...

They appeared at court yesterday to deny charges of murder.

5) VERB When the police charge someone, they formally accuse them of having done something illegal.

[V n] They have the evidence to charge him...

[V n with n] Police have charged Mr Bell with murder.

6) VERB If you charge someone with doing something wrong or unpleasant, you publicly say that they have done it. [WRITTEN]

[V n with -ing/n] He charged the minister with lying about the economy.

7) N-UNCOUNT: usu N of n If you take charge of someone or something, you make yourself responsible for them and take control over them. If someone or something is in your charge, you are responsible for them.

A few years ago Bacryl took charge of the company...

I have been given charge of this class...

They would never forget their time in his charge.

8) PHRASE: v-link PHR, oft PHR of n If you are in charge in a particular situation, you are the most senior person and have control over something or someone.

Who's in charge here?

...the Swiss governess in charge of the smaller children.

9) N-COUNT: usu pl, poss N If you describe someone as your charge, they have been given to you to be looked after and you are responsible for them.

The coach tried to get his charges motivated.

10) VERB If you charge towards someone or something, you move quickly and aggressively towards them.

[V prep/adv] He charged through the door to my mother's office...

He ordered us to charge.

[V-ing] ...a charging bull.

Charge is also a noun.

...a bayonet charge.

11) VERB To charge a battery means to pass an electrical current through it in order to make it more powerful or to make it last longer.

[V n] Alex had forgotten to charge the battery.

Charge up means the same as charge.

Also V n P V P n (not pron) There was nothing in the brochure about having to drive it every day to charge up the battery.

12) N-COUNT: usu sing An electrical charge is an amount of electricity that is held in or carried by something. [TECHNICAL]
13) N-COUNT The charge in a cartridge or shell is the explosive inside it. You can also refer to the cartridge or shell itself as a charge.
15) PHRASE If something is free of charge, it does not cost anything.

The leaflet is available free of charge from post offices.

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